Good Morning, World: International Morning @ Salon RH

Start Salon RH Suisse with a little bit of international air and join us for the International Morning: Switzerland is not a remote island, but plays of course a vivid role in this globalized world.

Experts will share their knowledge and their insights on stage of this new format. Afterwards, attendees will have the possibility to meet the speakers to ask further questions and continue the discussion with them. Following experts, among others, will take part in the International Morning:


Get even more insights: meet the speakers

If just listening to the experts on stage is not enough for you, come and meet them afterwards at the International Morning Lounge (booth K.17). Don’t miss the opportunity to further discuss certain issues from the presentations, ask questions, exchange ideas and experiences, and network with them.


10:00 - 10:30

Forum 3 - Halle 2

Leif Agneus
Robin Gordon
Gérald Brandt
Serge Shine
Irene Righetti

Table ronde
Recrutement 3.0 et tendances et normes du recrutement international

Leif Agneus, General Manager, Manpower Suisse
Robin Gordon, CEO, Interiman Group Services SA
Gérald Brandt, General Manager, Kelly Services (Suisse) SA
Serge Shine, Global Practice Leader, Permanent Placement Professional Staffing, The Adecco Group
Irène Righetti, Responsable des Services internes, fondée de pouvoir, swissstaffing – Association suisse des services de l’emploi // Association des employeurs

Numérisation, robotisation, Gig-Economy ou Big Data – le recrutement, les services de l’emploi et les RH se trouvent devant de nombreux nouveaux défis. Où se dirige-t-on en matière de recrutement, quelles sont les normes internationales et où se situe la Suisse en comparaison internationale ? Une discussion avec des experts de la branche du recrutement.

Thèmes: Recrutement, fidélisation, marketing RH, Outsourcing, offshoring, outplacement
Présenté par: swissstaffing – Association suisse des services de l’emploi // Association des employeurs
Niveau: Ouvert à tous
Groupe cible: Ouvert à tous

11:30 - 12:15

Forum 3 - Halle 2

Guido Gianasso

Asia. Are you ready? Leading effectively when West meets East.

Dr Guido Gianasso, Associate Dean and Professor at Nanyang Business School, Singapore
The global economy and the emergence of Asia present many opportunities and challenges for Western businesses and their HR leaders. Asian values and management styles are completely different from those applying in Europe and Norh America. HR executives need to develop a repertoire of strategic leadership capabilities to remain effective and communicate with Asian clients, colleagues and employees. One of the most important capabilities needed is cultural intelligence (CQ).

In this conference, Guido Gianasso will share his experience and knowledge to help us function effectively across a variety of cultural contexts.
Thèmes: Direction, leadership, RH dans le monde
Présenté par: Managerama TV
Informations sur l'intervenant:
Publication / livre: Gianasso, G. (2011), Developing cultural intelligence: the IATA case. University of Geneva Press, Geneva, Switzerland.
Publication / livre: Ang, S., & Ng, K. Y., Gianasso, G. (2011). Leading change globally with cultural intelligence: A case study of IATA. Singapore: Center for Innovation Research in Cultural Intelligence and Leadership.
Réseaux sociaux:
CV: Guido Gianasso is a leading HR and global leadership expert. He has held several senior positions in Asia, Europe and the United States and worked for the World Bank, United Nations and several multi-national organizations. Before moving into full-time teaching, he was for twelve years the CHRO of IATA and then SICPA. Today, Guido is Associate Dean, Corporate Engagement and Relations and Professor in Global Leadership at Nanyang Business School (NBS) in Singapore. NBS is part of Nanyang Technological University (NTU), the top university in Asia and 11th in the QS Global Ranking, just ahead of EPFL Lausanne. Guido Gianasso is also co-founder of Newind and Honorary Consul of Romania in Geneva.

12:25 - 12:55

Forum 3 - Halle 2

Tanguy Dulac

Future of work: The game has changed, and so have the rules

Dr Tanguy Dulac, Deloitte

Technology, globalization, demographics, social values, and the changing personal expectations of workforce is having an effusive impact on the talent landscape, disrupting business models and radically changing who, where, when, and how work is done. During this presentation, we will investigate three powerful forces: the growing adoption of artificial intelligence in the workplace, the expansion of the workforce to include both on- and off-balance-sheet talent, and the workplace of the future.

Thèmes: Gestion des RH, New work spaces & work strategies
Présenté par: boerding exposition SA
Niveau: Ouvert à tous
Groupe cible: Dirigeants / cadres, Ouvert à tous
Informations sur l'intervenant:
CV: Based in Geneva, Tanguy Dulac leads the Human Capital Consulting practice in Romandy. He is advising public and private sector organisations on defining and executing HR, talent and workplace strategies and transformations. Prior to his journey in consulting, Tanguy graduated with a Ph.D. in Business Administration from London School of Economics and Université catholique de Louvain and published in international reviews and journals. He also holds a M.Sc. in Applied Economics and a M.Sc. in Psychology.

13:05 - 13:35

Forum 3 - Halle 2

Dagmar Richardson

Recruitment and hiring of foreign nationals - current legal regulations and practices

Dagmar Richardson, Owner, International HR Services AG

Switzerland continues to tighten it's regulations for the issuance of work permits and at the same time increases compliance controls in this area. Companies thus have to be aware of existing laws and regulations to continue hiring skilled professionals from abroad in a legally correct manner. This presentation provides essential basic knowledge of the actual Swiss legal practice and it's implications.
Various questions arise when it comes to hiring a foreign national, either from an EU/Efta country or a third country. What has to be considered when a foreign national visits the company in Switzerland for a job interview? What has to be done to hire a foreign national who has already been employed in Switzerland? How does the recruitment process have to be designed to ensure the selected top candidates from abroad will actually receive a work permit? These and other issues will be addressed during this presentation, which is designed to empower companies to deal with fundamental issues of international recruitment and assignments.

Thèmes: Gestion des RH, RH dans le monde
Niveau: Ouvert à tous
Groupe cible: Ouvert à tous
Informations sur l'intervenant:
CV: Dagmar Richardson has a multicultural background, a Master degree in HR and speaks German, English and French fluently, She has worked for eight years as an Expat and was responsible for various countries during this period.Dagmar Richardson founded International HR Services Ltd., which focuses on international short and long-term work assignments at home and abroad, as well as on international recruitmens. She is a member of the IHRC, International HR Community, based in Zurich.
Présentée par: International Human Resource Community, IHRC


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